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The Worst SEO Strategy Ever!

The most awful SEO Technique Ever before!

Many Search Engine Optimization are looking for the ideal SEO formula to make a perfect enhanced page. This is a blunder since Google does not want a flawlessly maximized page. They want a most relevant material. I am not going to give a talk regarding exactly what everybody already recognized. You have to in some way make your Search Engine Optimization incomplete! Yes, flaw is truth appeal of Search Engine Optimization.

If your page title and also ‘H’ header have the specifically the exact same words, and most of your inbound and also outbound web links have the very same support messages, you are looking really dubious, questionable enough to not ranking well. Google is quite ‘SEO-phobic’. Even if you place the very same word in various combinations in your alt tag 3 times, you would right away drop. For example, if you put ‘bookstore’, ‘online book shop’, and also ‘book shop sale’ in 3 various photo alt tags, you would see the immediate fall in affordable key phrases in your next Google page cache due to the fact that ‘book shop’ appeared 3 times. To minimize the threat of ‘best SEO’, you should blend things up a little bit as well as do point ‘imperfectly’ intentionally. You possibly do not want to have more than 30 % of your incoming links have the very same support texts. If you already have a lot of your inbound relate to the very same message, you need to construct even more relate to different anchor texts as well as descriptions to dilute the ‘excellence’.

There are likewise some so-call ‘poisonous substance words’ in your on-page link message, such as ‘include url’, ‘web links’, ‘web link partners’… These would certainly indicate of low quality content or related to spam. The search engines are more likely to de-weight it.

One more bad Search Engine Optimization practice is, somehow I believe it’s also evident, that people placed the very same word 3 times (or even more) in the title. That’s not right, not for title, nor description, neither the vibrant text. For instance, you don’t do ‘SEO Service|SEO Business|Search Engine Optimization Articles’ in the title. You would still see such sort of repeated words in search results page, that’s due to the fact that they have strong back web links. These sites have currently been de-weighted silently by Google. If you have the keyword repeat greater than 3 times, oh my god, you are sending out Google a message that ‘Yes, I am a Spammer. Catch me if you could’. Once for a key words is perfect, 2 times with various type, such as ‘Online Bookstores in Bookstore Outlet’ is acceptable. Notice there is a singular as well as a plural variation?

Do you submit your brand-new site to Google, Yahoo and other search engines? I wouldn’t do that. Not that it misbehaves, merely not worth it. As Google plainly stating in its main web page that new web site submissions would certainly wait as much as 6 weeks to be indexed. 6 weeks is rather a long time, as well as doesn’t indicate you would certainly rate well after these 6 weeks. You still have a bunch of optimization job should do after that. And also some sites even don’t link to sites without any PageRank. If you are not indexed, you do not obtain PageRank, then you do not obtain web links from these websites. So, as soon as you brought a new domain, you develop some content into it which does not have to be prefect. After that, you have to obtain your site indexed when feasible.

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