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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click search engine advertising is the fastest way to bring ready-to-buy customers to your website. PPC allows you to display your message only to people who are searching for you products or services, and you only pay when they click on your ad and visit your website. You’ll see measurable results in as little as a week at a fraction of the cost of traditional media like radio or the Yellow Pages.

Here’s how it works:

Keyword research. We create a list of keywords representing the products or services you sell and your geographic target market.

Ad Copy Writing. We write targeted ads designed to deliver a simple and compelling message to search looking for you product or service.

Your Ads Appear in the “sponsored links” sections when a potential customer performs a search using your target keywords.

Searchers Click on Your Ads and are directed to the most relevant page of your website, where you present them a great offer and turn them into paying customers.

Service packages

Basic – Google Adwords Setup

For typical small and medium sized business with a focused product line or service offerings.
$350 one time fee

What we do:

  • Open a Google Adwords account in your company’s name
  • Identify the top keywords related to you business
  • Write 3 different ad versions
  • Launch the campaign and hand it off to you.
    • Budget and bids can be adjusted as needed

Advanced – Google Adwords Management

For typical small and medium sized business with a focused product line or service offerings.
$350 one time set up fee + monthly management fee (depending on ad spend)

What we do:

  • Setup up a campaign in Google Adwords
  • Keywords
  • Ad text
  • Homepage landing page


Larger or more complex Pay Per Click campaigns can be handled on a custom basis. Flat fee, or percentage of spend pricing packages are available. We’ll discuss your specific needs and give your a quote.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising:

  • Cost-Per-Click
    Pay only when someone clicks on your ads.
  • Campaign Management
    We’ll create and manage your local ad campaign on the major search engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN.
  • Controlled Costs and Budget
    Drive website traffic with a set monthly budget. Spend only as much as your authorize.
  • Highly Targeted Visitors
    Your ads will only display when customers are searching on keywords related to your products and services.
  • Locally Targeted Customers
    Target local customers with both local keywords and automated geographic targeting software.
  • More Customers for Less Money
    Paid search marketing has a higher, and more measurable, return on investment than any other advertising methods.
  • Create simple, enticing ads.
    What makes your product or service stand out from your competitors? Highlight these key differentiating points in your ad. Be sure to describe any unique features or promotions you offer.
  • Include prices and promotions.
    The more information about your product that a user can gain from your ad text, the better. For example, if a user sees the price of a product and still clicks the ad, you know they’re interested in a potential purchase at that price. If they don’t like the price, they won’t click your ad, and you save yourself the cost of that click.
  • Use a strong call-to-action.
    Your ad should convey a call-to-action along with the benefits of your product or service. A call-to-action encourages users to click on your ad and ensures they understand exactly what you expect them to do when they reach your landing page. Some call-to-action phrases are Buy, Purchase, Call today, Order, Browse, Sign up, and Get a quote; while ‘find’ and ‘search’ may be accurate verbs, they imply that the user is still in the research mode, and may not encourage the user to perform the action you’d most like them to take.
  • Include one of your keywords in your ad text.
    Find the best performing keyword in your ad group and include it in your ad text, especially in the title. Whenever a user types that keyword and sees your ad, the keyword phrase will appear in bold font within your ad on Google. This helps draw the user’s attention to your ad and shows users that your ad relates to their search.
  • Choose the best destination URL.
    Review the website you’re advertising and find the specific page that has the information or product described in your ad. If users do not find what is promised as soon as they arrive, they are more likely to leave your website. Be sure that any promotions and particular products mentioned in your ad are visible on your landing page.
  • Test multiple ads in each ad group.
    Experiment with different offers and call-to-action phrases to see what’s most effective for your advertising goals. Our system automatically rotates ads within an ad group and shows the better-performing ad more often.